Harvest of Peace Fundraiser 2017

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Our 2017 Harvest of Peace Celebration and Fundraiser was a beautiful day marking the transition of seasons and practice energy. We had a few new members join on the spot and got just to over 50% of our financial goal in one day!

WE’RE SO CLOSE! Only $5075 left to raise!
If you want to make a one time contribution or increase your dues to contribute over time please keep reading…

Shambhala Boston offers culture of brave kindness in a world increasingly characterized by fear. You contribute to that culture every time you participate in programs here, or bring what you’ve developed back into your life. Help make this culture available to more and more people throughout the region. Every single person who contributes to the service and the finances of our Center is offering this place to another person. Without you, these teachings and this environment cannot reach a world that so desperately needs alternatives to speed, separation, and fear.

There are three main ways that we maintain our operational budget every year: Membership Contributions, Program Income and Fundraising. The most reliable and important source of financial stability for us is through your Membership contributions. If you are not a member yet or would like to increase your contributions, please consider emailing membership@shambhalaboston.org and we would love to answer your questions about providing ongoing financial stability to the Boston center. Learn more about Membership


Our 2017 Harvest of Peace Goal: $20,000

This year we are asking for your support to begin a People of Color Scholarship of $5000 for Boston members to attend core path programs at retreat centers like Karme Choling, Shambhala Mountain Center and Sky Lake.

We are also asking for your contributions towards the continued health and growth of the community. This includes preparing for this year’s Sakyong’s visit (April 20-22, Save the Date!), expanding our offerings to new areas of our city (more to come on that!), upgrading our building and continued growth and development of our staff mandala.


You can contribute in two ways: One-Time Unrestricted Gifts and Membership Contributions


One-Time Unrestricted Gifts: Click ‘Donate Here’ to contribute today, especially if you were not able to join us on September 23rd.

Increase your membership contributions: This can go a long way towards our fundraising goal and provide income that we can predict and rely on throughout the year. To inquire about increasing your regular member contributions, please email Max at membership@shambhalaboston.org.

Become a member Learn more about Becoming a Member – We would love to answer your questions about providing ongoing financial stability to the Boston center by phone 617-734-1498 or you can email Max at membership@shambhalaboston.org.

Your donations this Fall allow us to pay dedicated staff, maintain our glorious building in Brookline and continue to offer wakefulness in many forms to the community of Boston. Through our fundraiser last year we were able to make a major building upgrade to replace our aging rooftop HVAC system (we raised $20,000 last year!) as well as contribute part of our Unified Giving amount to Central Services of Shambhala.

This year we offered 106 programs and classes from Sept 1, 2016 – Sept 1, 2017. Beyond that we host 7 regular weekly and monthly drop-in programs – the gateways through which we estimate that we host up to 30 new people per week. All told we hosted 418 events at the center in the past year – that’s 8 every week!

Impressive as that all is, the breadth of what we offered last year can’t be expressed in mere numbers. Whether it’s your time, your practice or your financial support, each of you has your own connection and inspiration for why you choose to give to Shambhala Boston in an ongoing way. Thank you for giving so generously to this community.

Help Shambhala continue to be a community of wakeful culture in the City of Boston!

The form below will take you to a paypal page. You don’t need a PayPal account to donate. If you would like to donate with a debit or credit card, choose “Use your credit card or bank account” on the next page.

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Harvest of Peace