I Ching Reading for the Year of the Iron Ox

As part of our annual Shambhala Day tradition, we threw the coins to receive our I Ching reading for the year. We received a hexagram with a changing line, so the changing line and the resulting hexagram are shared below as well.

31 – Hsien – “Influence” or “Mutual attraction”

Two aspects of movement in communion, harmonizing but each retaining their characteristics. The foundation of social relationships. Through their interaction everything is benefitted. Develop discretion to know the appropriate level of intimacy in a relationship. One must first attract people before trying to influence them. 

9 in the 4th place – “Attraction reaches the heart. A correct response occurs and remorse disappears.” Without clarity of purpose, only those friends on whom he fixes his conscious thoughts will follow.


39 – Jien – “Temporary obstacle” or “Impasse”

The hexagram pictures a dangerous abyss lying before us and a steep, inaccessible mountain rising up behind us. Tension in human relationships.

Confronted by obstacles that cannot be overcome directly, one should be still and cultivate energy. Important work can still be done. Sometimes what appears difficult is a protection.  An obstruction that lasts only for a time is useful for self-development. This is the value of adversity.