Trust in Society Starts With Trust in Self

Given the current state of the world it’s easy – and even makes a kind of sense – not to trust humanity. It will certainly take a lot of work to clarify confusion, repair harm and establish a society more deeply grounded in healthy principles. Perhaps it seems like it will take the spiritual equivalent of a weapon of mass ego-destruction to cleanse the current predicament. However, as warriors of Shambhala we can have healthy skepticism for such drastic measures. Our strength as human beings doesn’t come from how complicated we can make a situation or how much force we can exert, but how simply and directly we can relate with the circumstances in our life. This begins with the simple step of feeling our worthiness as humans. At a time when we are encouraged to do almost anything except be as we are, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche is offering a practice to do just that.

In a text describing the practice, the Sakyong says: “Shambala meditation is the heart of the Shambala message: feeling worthy to be, and touching our basic goodness. The entire vision of Shambala can be experienced in this simple yet profound practice.” It is so subtle that it could easily be overlooked, but with conviction and understanding in basic goodness then our meditation, our speech, and our actions will be grounded in the deepest principles and have the chance to do the most good.

The entire vision of Shambala can be experienced in this simple yet profound practice.

This practice is for everyone. Perhaps this is brand new to you, perhaps it all sounds very familiar, or perhaps Shambhala Meditaiton is already a regular part of your practice. No matter how many years we’ve practiced or how many programs we’ve attended, this practice is the cutting edge in our exploration of basic goodness.

For anyone who curious, we encourage you to join Acharya Noel McLellan this weekend for a transmission of the technique and an exploration of how this simple reconnection can bring out the goodness in humanity and influence our personal and global future.

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