Winter 2018 News from the Heart Warriors Club

Hello Shambhala Families!


The Heart Warrior’s Club is off to a great start! We have been meditating using the sound of the gong as our focus, learning about the 4 dignities, and having fun with crafts, movement, and play. We are looking forward to continuing the Club this winter and spring, with more themes in the works!


Children’s Day was a wonderful gathering of families and friends to celebrate the Winter Solstice. In preparation we decorated the shrine with cheerful animals, winter decorations and lights to help welcome the light back. During the program we enjoyed crafts, royalty, the Winter Solstice Ilana play and most importantly – each other! Thank you everyone for coming out and making it a special day. 

A number of families have asked us for book suggestions to help integrate dharma teachings into the lives of our little ones. The Shambhala Families Book Recommendations is a PDF list of recommended books for both parents and children from the Shambhala International Children & Families Committee. Please let us know what your favorite one is to be considered for future activities!


We hope parents have been enjoying their own meditation practice during Nyinthün while the Club meets. Meditation instruction is available for anyone who requests it. Please don’t hesitate to reach out directly with questions or feedback for the Heart Warrior’s Club. We look forward to seeing you soon!


In the Vision of the Great Eastern Sun,
Jill Blagsvedt & Sarah Mae Gibbons, HWC Leaders


Allergy/Registration Reminder: In an effort to allow families who have allergies to be included, we are striving to be peanut and egg free the days the Heart Warrior’s Club meets – thank you for not bringing snacks which have peanut products, peanut butter or eggs in them. Additionally, when you pre-register for the Club on dates you plan to attend, it helps us tremendously with activity planning. There’s an opportunity to include the name and age of your child and whether they have specific allergies or sensitivities that we should watch out for.