Recycle Your Electronics with a Donation to BSC

During this time of year when the world is upgrading gadgets and offering gifts in many forms, the Boston Shambhala Center would like to call upon it’s membership to consider a donation of items that may soon start collecting dust in your life. Beyond physical gifts to the Center there are many ways that your support can go a long way…

Help us replace outdated computers. Some machines are so old they no longer update, and the A/V laptop doesn’t have a battery! We’re looking for a laptop less than 5 years old so we don’t come in one day to find a very shiny silver brick where a computer once sat. Most of our machines are Apple, so it’s helpful if we can keep it consistent but exceptions are always possible.

We’re also looking for a dedicated tablet to use for program payment, registration and book sales. We’re looking for a tablet less than 3 years old – again, Apple would be easiest to integrate – with a headphone jack so we can swipe credit cards.

We could use some larger (12-16oz ) water service glasses. These should be elegant and show little to no sign of wear.

A community is built by the talent and energy of its members. Staffing classes, levels, ongoing gateway and affinity programs, and other programs is a great way to support the community – but not the only option! There are teams that work on keeping our shrines uplifted, on offering ikebana flower arrangements. Some people help by purchasing and preparing food, others by cleaning or doing laundry. Some people put up fliers in their neighborhood, others offer administrative help either at the center or remotely. Maybe you have another project that you’re passionate about? Let us know!

Financial contributions:
The Shambhala Center is trying something ambitious this year in hiring Nick Kranz to help us expand both our reach and our teaching corps. With this comes extra expenses, so as the year comes to an end please consider including the Shambhala center in your generosity.

The best way to support the work of Shambhala in Boston is to continue to practice, to deepen your confidence in basic goodness, to strengthen connections with the goodness in others. Be both brave and vulnerable. Invite your friends to come practice with you. Make connections with other organizations you think we could partner with, or where we could teach people to work with their own minds and hearts.

Shoot us a note to [email protected] to donate or get involved. We look forward to practicing together and growing the depth of our amazing sangha in 2018!
Ashley, Max & Nicole

BSC staff