Summer and Staffing Transition Farewells

Warm Greetings!

As the Summer picks up steam and many of our members head out to different retreat centers, things get a little quieter here in Boston. We have had a few staff transitions recently that we wanted to honor and recognize. Almost two years ago Travis DeTour and Jenny Guth came on together as part-time temporary positions and they both held multiple hats through a number of transitions with love, humor and fierceness. We have so much gratitude for both of them!


Two Years Ago: Ashley, Jenny and Travis take on the world!

Travis DeTour was operating part-time as our finance coordinator and has now stepped down officially to take on a position full-time at the Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center in Cambridge as the Digital Archive Engineer. He is heading to Sacred World in just a few days, we wish him much love for retreat. Travis held down the finance department with support from Caitlin Smith. He related with membership finances, operated much of our registration process with students and held so many tiny numbers and details with heart. His willingness to jump into the unknown was an inspiration. Taking over for travis in the book keeping capacity is Natalie Greening and I will introduce Natalie more in depth soon. Thank you Travis and welcome Natalie!

Jenny Guth began as the Operations Assistant part-time and quickly took on many responsibilities and roles throughout her time, expanding into all of the Center Operations with a capital O. She is now stepping down into a Summer of family time and open possibilities. (Can we come to the beach with you Jenny??)

Jenny touched so many areas, it’s hard to name them all. She oversaw many aspects of service and cultivated systems and leadership in ways that were both seen and unseen. She communicated our offerings, through the newsletter every month and social media, and printed every week throughout the Center. She cultivated invitations and path encouragement to so many of our students that helped clear the way for them to participate easily in our offerings, with confidence. She cheerfully answered the info email and the phone, which is an amazing and never-ending practice in itself. She held the fort in stormy weather and implemented systems and organization where there hadn’t been before. Her playfulness, discerning eye and exertion were deeply felt.

Please join us on July 22nd at 7pm to thank Jenny and raise a toast to her dedication and service to our community. Please RSVP below!


We will be taking the Summer to think about the next shape of our staff mandala in order to step into the Fall with direction and confidence. Stay tuned and enjoy your classes, retreats and aimless Summer wandering.

Much Love,
Ashley Hodson

Executive Director
Shambhala Boston