Shastri Krusinski and Shambhala at Governor’s Prayer Breakfast

Last week, Shastri Carolyn Krusinski returned to the Annual Rotary Club Governor’s Prayer Breakfast to represent Shambhala as one of five faith community leaders who offered aspirations, reflections and prayer at the event. P1000721
The Prayer Breakfast brings together prominent business, professional, political, religious and community leaders for fellowship, music and reflection.

Shastri Krusinski’s aspiration included the following excerpt: May we know Strength by touching into this great reservoir of human goodness. Kindness, peace, wisdom, softness, faith, generosity, imagination, integrity and joy. May these qualities shine out of each of us like the rays of the sun and touch the hearts and minds of all we meet and serve, even if we disagree. And may these qualities be recognized as strengths.

Featured speakers included State Treasurer Steve Grossman, Alan Trefler, CEO and Founder of Pegaystems and the Trefler Foundation, Stephen J. Murphy of the Boston City Council, Mayoral Candidate and Councilman Mike Ross, and Boston Rotary Club President David Manzi.

Faith leaders included Reverend Stephen Ayres of Old North Church, Reverend David Michael of the Catholic Archidiocese of Boston, Rabbi Jonah Pesner of the Union for Reform Judaism, Imam Talal Eid of the Islamic Institute of Boston, and Dr. Abhaya Asthana of the Hundu Mandir Executives’ Conference.

P1000726Members of the Shambhala Center’s Governing Council and other leaders in the community represented Shambhala at the event as well.

Patricia Anderson, who attended both as a Shambhalian and a representative of Solidus Technical Solutions, which sponsored a table at the event said, “It was an honor to attend the recent 49th Annual Governor’s Pray Breakfast and see my colleague at Solidus Technical Solutions and Shambhala Shastri, Carolyn Krusinski, give the final prayer. Solidus’ President, Darlene Tucker, and Chief Technology Office, Dave Kensy, – Solidus’ owners –  attended along with other top executives, including Bonnie Hankin, making this event even more special to me as a Rotarian and Shambhala Buddhist.”