Invitation to Co-Creation

Over 200 leaders from the Shambhala community gathered this past week at Karme Choling for the Three Pillars Leadership Gathering with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. The event was facilitated by the core leadership team of President Richard Reoch, Kalapa Acharya Adam Lobel, Executive Director Carolyn Mandelker, Chagdzo Kyi Khyap Connie Brock, Kalapa Envoy for Enrichment Robert Reichner, and Director of Center and Group Support Anna Weinstein.IMG_8067

The four-day program was highlighted by three addresses given by the Sakyong, in which he continued to elaborate on and further unpack his vision for Shambhala Centers around the world. He emphasized food, conversation and meditation, which he correlated with body, speech and mind, respectively, as three key components that are essential for moving forward in the continuing evolution of Shambhala Centers. Additionally, the Sakyong outlined that the next step in this evolution will be centers manifesting increasingly as cultural centers, which includes but is not strictly limited to being places where people can come to learn meditation. He drew from the Latin root of the word culture, and said that Shambhala Centers can be “a place where the cultivation of human qualities can flourish.”

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