Your Home Energy Assessment Helps the Shambhala Center!

The Shambhala Meditation Center of Boston has been working hard to become as energy efficient as possible. You may remember we hosted a volunteer day with HEET, an award-winning nonprofit that gets paid through grants to help reduce energy use of people in Massachusetts through various methods.

HEET wants to help pay for future energy upgrades in exchange for energy members are willing to save at home. This is a great way to save energy at Shambhala and in your home! There are a few options for what our Shambhala members can do to generate energy upgrade donations.

HEET and its partners will donate to the Shambhala Center:

$50 for each home energy assessment finished
The free home energy assessments are performed by Mass Save (a statewide program). Whether you’re in a house, condo or apartment, you can use the service. The assessments install free efficient light bulbs and other devices that save energy and money. You can get $50 for every household you do this for (e.g. you own a house with 2 apartments, you get $100 donated on your behalf). It takes between 1 and 2 hours to finish, total. If you are low-income you might be able to get free weatherization, heating system upgrade and other energy efficiency work.

$300 for each solar electric installation
To finance your solar installation, you can either put $0 down (pay nothing) and let the solar company pay ‘rent’ on your roof while they own and care for the panels, pay a low up-front payment on the panels, or pay entirely for the panels and installation if you have the funds and want to maximize your profit.

$100 for each solar hot water system installed

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