Kindness and the Environment

Brave Volunteers on Service Day!

This summer we have taken strides to lessen our buildings impact on the environment. This is a natural extension of our practice of kindness and gentleness. First we began by engaging an organization that assessed our impact through water, gas and electrical use. They then lead a group of volunteers to take measures to lessen that impact. We had about 30 people come to our Service Day on Aug 4th! According to Heet, the organization who we worked with:

Our work at Shambhala should save $2,652 over the next 7 years in energy and water bills, and is the carbon emissions equivalent of taking 1.4 cars off the road for a year.
 THANK YOU! It was an amazing gathering of community members who cared about helping the center be more energy efficient. We were so happy to work with such a great team and I think everyone learned a ton about keep a building well wrapped and not leaky!

Volunteers weather seal the doors.

Our next step towards energy responsibility is that we are working with NSTAR, our utilities provider, and Prism Energy Services to install energy efficient LED lighting where it is applicable in the building. This installation will happen within the month of September and is estimated to prevent 28,270lbs/year of CO2 emissions into the environment which is the equivalent of 2.4 cars!

If you would like to help us continue to be more energy efficient please consider having a home energy assessment. HEET and its partners will donate money for continued energy upgrades at the Shambhala Center for every home energy assessment and solar installation a member of the community gets:
  • $10 donated to Shambhala for your home energy assessment
  • $100 donated to Shambhala for your home solar hot water installation
  • $300 donated to Shambhala for your home solar electric installation

Click Here to Sign Up for a home energy assessment that will save you on bills and help us save the environment!

In total the Shambhala Center of Boston will prevent the CO2 emissions equivalent of 3.8 cars this year!

Plastic is installed on the shrine room skylight.