Shambhala Boston is part of a global community which aspires to awaken kindness, goodness and wisdom within society. This vision is rooted in the principle that every human being has a fundamental nature of basic goodness.


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We offer a wealth of classes and retreats, here are a few to start with:

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Featured Programs

Collective Liberation: An Affinity Group for White People

with Shastri Nick Kranz, Ashley Hodson, Max Roberts-Zirker

June 1st—August 17th

A 3-month module reading and discussing the book 'Waking up White' by Debbie Irving. This group is for those who self identify as white and are wishing to learn, listen, and unpack their notions of ‘whiteness’ in today's society. Continue »

Rigden Weekend

with Acharya Eric Spiegel

June 2nd—June 4th

This program is the culmination of the Way of Shambhala and is a weekend that emphasizes genuine confidence and steadfastness in facing the world's challenges. Continue »

Sitting: The Physical Art of Meditation

with Erika Berland

June 7th

Explore an embodied approach to the ancient practice of sitting meditation. Continue »

Midsummer Day Picnic

June 17th

Mark your calendar to join us to celebrate the Summer Solstice! Continue »

Golden Key

with Shastri Bill Brauer

June 22nd—June 25th

This program is based on a Shambhala text that works with our relationship to the material world and our sense perceptions. It teaches the practice of enriching presence - the ability to instantly sense the inner wealth.. Continue »