Welcome to the Boston Shambhala Center

The Boston Shambhala Center provides space and support for following a path of meditation. Our mission is to cultivate the worthiness, wisdom and compassion of individuals and society based on the inherent goodness of humanity and the natural world.

The Shambhala Meditation Center of Boston stands with the black community in proclaiming the dignity and worthiness of black lives. Black lives matter.

Due to the spread of the coronavirus, Covid-19, the Boston Shambhala Center is not hosting programs at our center. See “Where to begin” below, or the “Classes & Programs” tab to see what is being offered online. The following link further describes our responses and suggestions for safety.

Addressing harm in the Shambhala community.

Featured Programs & Events

Friday Night Talk - First Thought Best Thought: The Poetry of Chögyam Trungpa

with David Rome

May 14th

Nowhere is Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche’s inner life more accessible than in his poetry. We will explore both the poetry and Rinpoche’s creative process, as well as how he used poetry to awaken his students. Continue »

Friday Night Talk - Unconditional Kindness: Regarding Others as Our Guides

with Emily Bower

May 21st

How can we practice unconditional kindness on the spot for ourselves and others? Acknowledging others’ feelings and needs, even with a very few words or simple gestures, can make an anxious situation better for everyone. Continue »

Shambhala Boston Community Room

June 3rd

Monthly gathering over zoom for open-ended conversation and connection. First Thursday 6:00-7:30pm Continue »

Friday Night Talk - One Nation Under Trauma with Larry Ward

June 4th

The aim of this talk is to recognize and name the deeper shared crisis of America today. What can the Buddhadharma offer to help deepen our self-care, heal our systemically racialized lives and uplift our social engagement with one another? Continue »

Moonbeams of Mahāmudrā: Vipaśyanā Part Two

with Elizabeth Callahan

June 7th—August 9th

Mahamudra is the practice at the heart of all Kagyu traditions. Continuing our study and practice of Dakpo Tashi Namgyal’s Moonbeams of Mahāmudrā, this six-session bimonthly course will be on Chapter 10: Pointing-Out Instructions. Continue »