Local Leaders

The following contact information is provided to facilitate more meaningful and direct communication within our organization and the broader community. If you have questions, concerns, feedback or ideas, please feel free to contact the appropriate person or department.


Ashley Hodson, Executive Director – director@shambhalaboston.org

Jenny Guth, Operations Assistant – jenny@shambhalaboston.org

Travis DeTour, Finance and Registrar – travis@shambhalaboston.org

The Governing Council oversees the strategic vision and policies of the Shambhala Center.

Ashley Hodson – Executive Director and Council Chair – director@shambhalaboston.org
Heather Cousineau – Dorje Kasung Representative –  rusung@shambhalaboston.org
Charles Styron – Chagdzö
Caitlin Smith – Member at Large
Elizabeth Latchis – Representative of the Office of Culture and Decorum – cultureanddecorum@shambhalaboston.org
Martina Bouey – Co-Director of Societal Health and Well-Being
Mary Coonan – Co-Director of Societal Health and Well-Being
Kathy Vieweg – Head of Development
Tom Ericsson – Secretary


Staffing Coordinator, Kristine Coughlin – staffing@shambhalaboston.org

Assitant Director (Shambhala Training) Coordinator, Sarah Kimball

Meditation Instructor Coordinator, Bryan Mendiola – micoordinator@shambhalaboston.org

Housing Coordinator, Joe Snowdon – housing@shambhalaboston.org

Audio Visual, Keith Huston

Heart of Recovery Coordinators, John Ranco and Matt Robert

30’s and Under Coordinators,

Nyinthun Coordinator, Bill Wooding

Werma Feast Coordinator, Nealy Zimmermann

Heruka/Dakini Feast Coordinators, Bill Wooding

LGBT Group Coordinators, Craig Sonnenberg and Alyssa Marino Medina – lgbtmeditationgroup@gmail.com

‘Who are we’ Coordinator, Bryan Mendiola –micoordinator@shambhalaboston.org

Shrine Keeping Coordinator – Open Position

Ikebana Coordinator – Open Position

Running Meditation Coordinator, Brandon Jellison

Wednesday Gatherings Continuity Directors, Shastri Carolyn Krusinski and Jon Wyman

The Societal Health & Well-Being Directors form and lead a local committee dedicated to fostering a warm, inviting, and caring community of practitioners, thus polishing and shining the Third Jewel of Sangha. Activities of this committee include:

  • Fostering greater communication and contact among community members, including focused
    community building efforts.
  • Ensuring there is a welcoming, hospitable environment for all who enter the Center.Developing awareness and pro-active sensitivity as regards all aspects of diversity: racial, ethnic, socio-economic, sexual orientation, age, gender, physical ability, etc.
  • Making sure there are regular celebrations and social activities, including all Nyida Days (in collaboration with the Office of Culture and Decorum).
  • Caring for the health and well-being of community members when illness, conflict or social difficulties arise (in collaboration with the Desung).
  • Promoting responsiveness by the Center to local and global environmental and social issues.
  • Ensuring that needs of families and children are completely interwoven into the fabric of community life.

Martina Bouey (Chair) – Co-Director of Societal Health and Well-being
Mary Coonan (Chair) – Co-Director of Societal Health and Well-being
Elizabeth Latchis – Representative to the Office of Culture and Decorum
Brandon Jellison – Center Desung
Bryan Mendiola – Diversity Committee Chair
Mary Lang – Care for the Aging

The Diversity Committee is committed to establishing presence, communication, and outreach that promotes increasing diversity and multiculturalism in our community in a way that is integral to our general practice as Shambhala practitioners. This includes, but is not limited to, people of varied and diverse races and ethnicity, gender identities, sexual orientations, religious affiliations, physical abilities, economic classes, ages, and educational backgrounds.

Bryan Mendiola, Chair – micoordinator@shambhalaboston.org