Starting Out


Meditation in Everyday Life: 5 Week Class

with Shastri Nick Kranz & Miguel Gomes

January 12th—February 9th

This is the first course in our core program, The Way of Shambhala, which provides a strong foundation in mindfulness-awareness meditation. Continue »

Contentment in Everyday Life (Back Bay Location)

with Ashley Hodson & Martina Bouey

January 23rd—February 20th

This introductory class offers an exploration of mindfulness meditation, focused on incorporating gentleness and fearlessness into our lives. Open to the public. Continue »

Love Hurts: Being With Heartbreak

with Lodro Rinzler

February 7th

Maybe it’s heartbreak around the death of a loved one, a messy break-up, becoming estranged from someone you care about, or feeling let down by society overall. Join us in exploring the path of heartbreak. Continue »

Shambhala Training Level I: The Art of Being Human

March 31st—April 2nd

Shambhala Training is a secular meditation training that develops fearlessness, confidence, openness and gentleness towards ourselves and our world. Interested in the art of being human? Continue »

Qigong: Levels I & II

with Eva Wong

July 15th—July 16th

Cultivate a healthy body and a clear mind through the practice of Daoist Qigong. A form of gentle, relaxing exercise which stimulates the circulation of energy in our body, and enhances mental clarity. Continue »