Starting Out


Contentment in Everyday Life

with Mary Lang, Travis DeTour, Miguel Gomes

September 19th—October 24th

This introductory class offers an exploration of mindfulness meditation, focused on incorporating gentleness and fearlessness into our lives. Open to the public. Continue »

Shambhala Training Level I: The Art of Being Human

with Shastri Carolyn Krusinski

September 30th—October 2nd - Date postponed or cancelled

Shambhala Training is a secular meditation training that develops fearlessness, confidence, openness and gentleness towards ourselves and our world. Interested in the art of being human? Continue »

Shambhala Center Death Fair 2016: Let’s Talk About Death

with Mary Lang, Janet Romaine, Maryl Schapiro, Cathy Brennan

October 29th

Join us for our third Death Fair. This interactive workshop, led by members of the Shambhala Center’s End of Life Committee, will explore the topic of death in a variety of ways. Continue »